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02/14/17 - DEAK Foods, Inc. is currently in talks with a major national distributor and it is our hope to have Baltic Brand Marinades in stores in the Chicago area by summer of 2017. And following that, hopefully nation-wide (baby steps first). In addition, we have nearly reached our goal of a third flavor, one for seafood, and will hopefully have that available by mid-2017, if all goes well. We are also hoping to have on-line shopping available soon as well.

07/08/16 - Baltic Brand Premium European-style marinade for seafood is being developed in our test kitchen, We hope to have it available by Fall 2016.

08/05/14 - DEAK Foods, Inc. is extremely pleased to announce that Food Depot International (FDI) has acquired exclusive distribution rights in Northern Illinois for Baltic Brand Marinades. Food Depot International is an importer and distributor of European food and beverages. Established over 12 years ago, FDI is a family run business located in Lake Zurich, IL and is focused on quality products and reliable customer service. At present they serve over 300 stores in the Northern Illinois area. As the first company to bring Lithuanian food to the United States, FDI prides itself on its growing and diverse portfolio featuring over 2,000 products from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, South America, and many other countries around the world. Baltic Brand Marinades are one of a very few American-made products distributed by them.
Food Depot International officially launched Baltic Brand Marinades at the 2014 National Restaurant Association show this May at McCormick Place in Chicago where they were taste-tested by show attendees from grocery stores, delis, restaurants and cafés from around the country. Look for Baltic Brand Marinades soon in your favorite grocery store or ask the store manager to stock them.

07/07/14 - We received the new "restaurant pack" 1-gallon bottles of both flavors along with another shipment of regular bottles.

04/12/14 - The 2014 French/Farmer's Market schedule is being formulated.
As soon as it is set, we will announce it here and on our website.

04/1/14 - Baltic Brand Marinades will be on display at the 2014 National Restaurant Association Show (International Foodservice Marketplace), Booth 9584, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL on May 17-20. For more info: http://show.restaurant.org/Home

03/28/14 - We are looking at the possibility of packaging one or both Baltic Brand™ Marinades in a 1-gallon Restaurant Pack, if there is enough call for it.
If you're interested, please contact us at info@Baltic-Brand.com to discuss.


Note: We will be doing taste testing at various locations in the Chicago area this fall. Dates and locations will be listed here.

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